[Development] qtdeclarative-5.6.0-beta build failure on rhel6

Takahiro Hashimoto kenya888 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 15:08:16 CET 2016

Rex, thank you for your pointer to EPEL. And your nice work at EPEL:)

On 2016年1月19日火曜日 6時39分39秒 JST Rex Dieter wrote:
> Takahiro Hashimoto wrote:
> > And I don't know if the older version of Qt5(5.0,5.1..) could be built
> > with gcc 4.4...
> They could, including Qt 5.5.x.  I am currently providing RHEL 6/7 Qt5
> packages via
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL
> I started this thread because EPEL by policy doesn't allow dependencies
> outside of RHEL to be used, and so EPEL (for RHEL6) can no longer support Qt
> 5.6 and newer.
> -- Rex
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I think we have two points for discussion. Please let me write for clarify 

1. c++11 code in Qt 5.6

I think you can patch qtdeclarative source locally for EPEL, of course you 
know. But as far as you experienced the cause of build failure is the use of c
++11 code(std::find_if and others) which isn't allowed in Qt 5.6 LTS policy(?) 
We should discuss wheather it should be removed or not.  

2.  Officially supported platform for Qt 5.6

Despite existence of c++11 code, now supported gcc version for Linux 32/64 is 
at least 4.6.3 or later (see Ubuntu section) [1] If EPEL is independent of it, 
we can approach some work(like local patch) for support Qt5.6 in EPEL in 

I have no good thought whether the minimum supported gcc version in Qt 5.6 
should be changed to gcc 4.4.7 for RHEL6 or not... I personally think it would 
be better to concentrate on RHEL7 support...:D

This is my opinion. Guys, I'm happy for your comment about them.

[1] http://doc.qt.io/QtSupportedPlatforms/index.html


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