[Development] Binding evaluation during ListView delegate remove animation

Andrew den Exter andrew.den.exter at qinetic.com.au
Thu Jan 21 00:45:02 CET 2016

On Thu, Jan 21, 2016 at 2:11 AM, Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly at ableton.com>

> And there are the obvious runtime costs to building and maintaining a
> cache that is of little or no use to most people most of the time, which is
> I think a strong argument for it being an off by default feature if
> implemented.
> I think the cost would need to be measured before letting it influence
> design decisions. We are not talking about monstrous amounts of data.

Famous last words.  I have to assume any cache is going to be pre-populated
with data from every role provided by the model and refreshed every time
dataChanged is emitted for that row, because the views have no knowledge
about what roles a delegate queries until after the fact, and any binding
with a conditional statement in it opens up the possibility that a role
won't be accessed until after the row is removed making on access caching a
flaky solution.  How third parties implement their models and delegates is
a big factor in the potential cost of an effective cache, a model with many
roles and costly access to some of those but with a delegate that only
accesses a few in bindings may work fine now, but be absolutely hammered by
an aggressive cache.   And I obviously don't want to see views which don't
hit this relatively rare combination of circumstances pay that cost.

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