[Development] What kind of airplane we want to build?

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Thu Jan 21 10:41:40 CET 2016

Op 21/01/2016 om 11:17 schreef Marc Mutz:
> On Thursday 21 January 2016 09:14:58 André Somers wrote:
>> Op 21/01/2016 om 10:02 schreef Marc Mutz:
>>> I'm not saying we don't need new API should we replace QThread with
>>> std::thead. I'm saying that all the hard, impressive, work is already
>>> done. It seems to be mostly a question of API now.
>> Sorry, but I think API design _is_ the hard work. Not the part that
>> is/should be the afterthought. And I think that that very thought has
>> been the basis of the succes of Qt over the years.
> I disagree. For anything related to multithreading (and that's what we're
> talking about here), implementation is orders of magnitude harder than API.
I beg to differ. QThread being a good example. So many people got it 
wrong when using it, it is obvious the API is just not right. The thing 
worked ok, but it turns out it hard to use it right. You may call the 
implementation orders of magitudes harder, but it was the API that was 
screwed up, not so much the implementation.


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