[Development] Binding evaluation during ListView delegate remove animation

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Thu Jan 21 16:43:49 CET 2016

Op 21/01/2016 om 16:13 schreef Stephen Kelly:
> On 21/01/16 14:56, Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> * Something else
> As Andre wrote, 'something else' could be 'populate a "memory 
> structure" for all roles for the specific rows being removed in 
> response to rowsAboutToBeRemoved'.
I would not use all roles, or at least make it tweakable in some way. 
Some models may have a huge number of roles, or roles that are quite 
expensive to get and are simply not needed for the delegate. So if you 
insist in having this "on" by default, perhaps a property you can set 
can have a default signifying "all roles" while you can also set it to a 
set of specific roles (or simply no roles at all).

I was wondering: how do you know when to drop the cached data again?


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