[Development] What kind of airplane we want to build?

Welbourne Edward edward.welbourne at theqtcompany.com
Fri Jan 22 11:09:57 CET 2016

> On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 11:59 AM, Marc Mutz  <marc.mutz at kdab.com> wrote:
>> I'm not sure about what outcome to expect, and I don't remember any
>> numbers posted by anyone else, either.
Cristial replied:
> From the David Stone's  Writing Robust Code page 34:

However, see what Marc said about how to do a proper comparison: you
need to actually rewrite the code and compile with different options
(including --fno-rtti, or similar, for the no-exception case); I'd also
like to see comparison of the size of binaries produced.  Paging bigger
binaries in and out also slows programs down ...

It is not clear how far Stone went in making a proper comparison, at
least not from the slides I saw,


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