[Development] Charts and DataVis Questions

Alexis Jeandet alexis.jeandet at member.fsf.org
Fri Jan 22 16:16:26 CET 2016


I have few naive questions about Charts and DataVis modules.

1) As I understand DataVis module is mainly a 3d data visualization
module while Charts is mainly a 1d data visualization module. Why not
merging them to a unique data visualization module?
In my lab scientists are interested in plotting 1d data in 3d or 2d
plots. For example in space Physics people might be interested in
plotting spacecraft electric potential vs time while looking particles
spectrograms vs time.

2) The OpenGL acceleration in Charts module is really impressive, but I
wonder why trying to draw big amount of points when the screen
resolution is limited and why not integrating a king of downsampling
algorithm as explained here:
Or as implemented here:
This would also reduce the memory usage of the graph.

In this question I assume that OpenGL acceleration is used to plot
bigger datasets I might be wrong.

Best regards,

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