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Mike Krus mike.krus at kdab.com
Mon Jan 25 21:06:50 CET 2016


during the xmas break, I took "advantage" of the dreadful weather to investigate porting Qt5 (dev branch) to Apple's tvOS.

Due to tvOS being mostly built upon iOS, the initial work was quite straight forward, adding a new mkspec, a new configure option, a CONFIG variable (tvos), enabling and disabling things where appropriate.  [1]

Past the initial prototyping, most of the work has been focused on reducing the duplication in the build configuration, following initial feedback on gerrit. Have learned more about prf files than I ever wanted to know :)

Most relevant modules have been updated to build for tvOS, but with very limited testing.

Beyond testing, key challenge remaining is the user interaction. Due to the lack of direct touch, or even a mouse cursor, handling focus, mouse areas, etc, will require more careful work.

As always, feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


[1] pending changelists:

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