[Development] Status of QtMultimedia module

Eskil A. Blomfeldt eskil.abrahamsen-blomfeldt at theqtcompany.com
Fri Jan 29 13:48:24 CET 2016

On 28. jan. 2016 10:46, Denis Shienkov wrote:
> Hi Qt developers.
> During a long time I see that a development of QtMultimedia module is 
> stalled... Tons of bugs are not considered at all, and a code-review 
> commits keeps in reviews at monts without touching/response... 
> Besides, many of QtMultimedia's API are not implemented yet, and are 
> just as stubs, that do nothing.
> So, my question is: what state of QtMultimedia module? what are 
> perspectives? Have you resources to support this module?


Qt Multimedia is actively maintained, yes, but lately we have been 
focusing more on mending platform gaps and improving the DirectShow 
backend than on inventing new features, since we think it's important to 
make the current APIs work well before we develop new ones.

I do know that there are bugs coming in that we would like to fix but 
have not had time for yet, so maybe it's currently progressing a bit 
slower than you would prefer. We hope to improve this by increasing the 
focus in the time to come.

-- Eskil

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