[Development] QImage::transformed returns shallow copy for QTransform::TxNone matrix type.

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Mon Jul 11 14:54:58 CEST 2016


I realize that there may be an even simpler way of ensure that you get a deep copy, but only if transformed() hasn't already

made one (so that you don't have to worry about your potentially dangling pointer):

Instead of using copy(), why not call the non-const bits() function (and don't use the returned value). That will detach (and thus

deep-copy) the data if your transformation produced no copy. If a copy was produced, then that will be the only copy and no

copying happens.


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QTransform m.

will create one copy. But:

QTransform m.

will copy image twice; On embedded device, if you do some video decoding it is a problem :)

2016-07-11 12:52 GMT+01:00 Giuseppe D'Angelo <dangelog at gmail.com<mailto:dangelog at gmail.com>>:
On Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 1:40 PM, Tomasz Olszak <olszak.tomasz at gmail.com<mailto:olszak.tomasz at gmail.com>> wrote:
> The problem here is that you can't say if transformed returns shallow or
> deep copy. Result depends on argument value. Of course the transform
> returning shallow copy on identity matrix is nice but should be documented
> somewhere. After reading docs I expected deep copy like from copy function.
> But maybe it's only me :)

Then always deep copy and then move on with the processing? Because
relying on shallow copies is a bit of a gamble -- by the same
reasoning, can you be sure that setPixel(x, y, color) always detaches?
What if it gets implemented in a way that first checks if the pixel
already has that color, and if so, it doesn't do anything?

Giuseppe D'Angelo

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