[Development] QTableView gets freezed in showing data read from SQLite database , which is updated dynamically with 2000 rows in 2s

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Mon Jul 11 20:33:43 CEST 2016

Op 09/07/2016 om 20:01 schreef swarit wipra:
> Hi folks,
> i have issues in showing huge data in QTableView ,data read from 
> sqlite database which is being updated dynamically .. 2k rows in 2s.
> i am using QSQLRelationModel
> let me describe the scenario in detail.
> My Qt application has a view i.e QTableView , each row has following 
> structure:
>  ****************************************
>  *QPushButton*|QLabel | QLabel | QLabel *
>  ****************************************
>  i have created it using QItemDelegate
>  each row isinserted dynamicaly , after sometime gui gets freezed.
> could anyone tell me the way to fix the issue.
Don't implement it like this. You are creating 8k widgets and act 
suprised that it isn't fast... Even if you did not use QLabel but the 
default delegate, 2k push buttons is still pushing it I think.

Note that this is by no means a new issue. Search and you will find 
better options, even ones using widgets but creating far less instances.


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