[Development] Revisiting high-DPI configuration options

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Wed Jul 20 11:12:53 CEST 2016

Prav said:
> Another problem will be with icons. They will scale bad. We are used
> to make icons with versions like _x2, _x3 ... and what we going to do
> if scale factor will be fractional? ... have icons versions like _1.1
> _1.2 _1.3?  Probably we need to rethink why in the world we make so
> many copies of one icon in compile time if we can make one SVG icon
> which can be scaled to any size without loss of crispness in
> runtime. Especially material design makes this easier because we
> mostly see only contours in material design icons.  So the next step
> for Qt can be supporting of SVG-icons as main and preferable way for
> setting icons. In this case icons can be scaled clearly.

I am baffled that anyone does the _x2, etc., approach to icons any more,
when most icons are indeed well-suited to SVG - in most cases, a tiny
SVG, smaller (in file-size) than any one of the many icons it makes
redundant, can do an excellent job of presenting the clear visual that
the icon is supposed to provide.  Making many larger files seems to
serve no purpose - other than letting web-or-UI designers bill their
clients for large amounts of pointless make-work.

Then again, our SVG support is embarrassingly poor,


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