[Development] [QtMultimedia] Still is supported, active?

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Thu Jul 21 12:55:48 CEST 2016

Hello, Everyone.

>> So while I agree that angriness is not helpful for mail list ... messages like this
>> are probably the seed to rethink strategy of working with bugs.

> Somewhat a side remark, but the unfortunate consequence of this thinking is
> that the objectively best way to get a lot of Qt developers interested in your
> problem is to write e-mails that breach of etiquette (to put it mildly).

This will NOT ever be a result (unfortunate consequence) of such thinking. And this is again about details. Proposed reaction is NOT about fixing Denis's bug.
Proposed improvements probably will not help with exactly this bug ever as this is more about maintainer's work.
Because if fixing start to be a result of insulting in emails/mailinglist ... then mailinglist became in majority "insulting platform"

Improvement is for making bug-tracking better is sense of giving less reasons for bug-reporters in general to ever write such letters.
And as result will be lower insulting ... and NOT like you have said
> "objectively best way to get a lot of Qt developers interested in your problem is to write e-mails that breach of etiquette"
... we always meet this devil in details.

Predictable "unfortunate consequence" of not improving will be more such letters (IMHO). Which mean that "objectively best way" (as you have said) to react to such letters is
to improve bug-trackering in general ... to give less food to write such letters.

Food for this is "floating"/unstable state of reporter which comes from silent behaviour of maintainer (bug is unprocessed ... which means necessary fields are still blank).
Do NOT make reporter's state unstable and you will never get unstable messages from reporter. EASY!

> If Denis would have written a reasonable e-mail asking about the status of Qt
> Multimedia (without insults, attacks, and wishing anyone to hell), we most
> probably won't have this discussion.

> I think Denis should end this e-mail thread by apologizing, and start a new one
> in a reasonable way.

Agree. But his behavior is the result of some objective problems which should not be rejected ALSO.

I think this is about of mutual respect. Maintainer have to consider influence of keeping silent about bugs as NEGATIVE INFLUENCE on bug-reporter.
And IMHO this influence is not fully understanded by some maintainers ... and now we have Denis's letter.

I do not know what can be the best analogy ... probably it is like
when you ask librarian about some missing book you can not find and he/she does not answer ... with not NO, not YES ...
zero reaction on you ... just keep doing something he/she was doing ... this surely earlier or later will piss you off.
And next event - reaction ... it depends on person. And you gess what ... some people will start insulting!
So here we are ... predictable percent of insulting in such cases.

Again IMHO ... in this case probably better to ask both sides to make 1 step toward peace.
Yoann Lopes to process the bug (fill the fields ... not fixing it ... fixing is up to mainteiners plans which should come from bugs priority) and Denis Shienkov to apologies for rudeness.

People with high emotional level can be considered as bad because of negative effect of insulting overs.

BUT having such persons inside society helps find problems earlier because they are ones who feels problems most painfully because of this high emotionality.
So this feature can be used by society in positive key. And I do not reject that insulting practice badly influence society too. Here we simply have phenomenon (medal) with two sides

And I agree that probably we can start another thread for discussion of ways to improve bug-tracker.
Because this thread has some too negative messages which gives unproductive effect for cooperation for improving things.

Let's see if Denis will start the new thread for making bug-tracker better place. And I will copy with pleasure my letter about my vision on improvements in this thread.

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