[Development] [QML]: Why can't create Q_GADGETs from QML ?

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Tue Jul 26 17:37:04 CEST 2016


No objection per-se, but we'd have to figure out some details. For example declarative instantiation is

not an object, as the ownership rules do not comply with QObject. That would leave us with a JavaScript

constructor function, replacing Qt.point(...) for example. But then we'd have to comply with the namespace

rules, so we'd have

    qmlRegisterGadget<MyGadget>("MyModule", "ThatName", 1, 0);

and then

    import MyModule 1.0

and in expressions we'd have

    var g = new ThatName();

and the same for a namespaced import:

    import MyModule 1.0 as Foo

    var g = new Foo.ThatName();

It's a bit of work to do, but I don't see a problem in principle.


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Is there any reason why I can only use Q_GADGETs objects in QML, but not to
create them?

It will be nice if we can register Q_GADGETs  as qml creatable types too.

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