[Development] No way to set the framerate of QCamera

Tobias Haslop tobiashaslop at hotmail.de
Thu Jun 2 16:02:31 CEST 2016

Nevermind, for some reason I was not able to read the docs properly:

If the minimum frame rate is equal to the maximum frame rate, the frame rate is fixed. If not, the actual frame rate fluctuates between the minimum and the maximum.


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Subject: No way to set the framerate of QCamera


I want to implement a backend for SVS-Vistek Gigabit Ethernet cameras, but I see no way to set the camera's framerate.

There is the FrameRateRange, but I am not sure about its meaning:

Does setting a framerate range guarantee for each consecutive frame to arrive in a certain timespan?

Or does a supported framerate range mean that framerates in that range can be set?

My intuition was the latter, but after not being able to find a hint how to set the framerate I am starting to believe it is the first meaning.

The SVS-Vistek API allows me to query framerate range and step as well as to set the framerate directly and I do not want to miss that ability.

I guess adding a custom control to set the framerate is an option for me, but before I do that I want to be sure that I did not miss anything.


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