[Development] g++ 5.2.1 compiler bug

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Thu Jun 2 16:06:05 CEST 2016

On 2nd June 2016 at 13:32, Milla Pohjanheimo mentioned
> We bumped into a compiler bug specific for g++ 5.2.1 ...
> There are issues with gcc 4.9.2 also ...
and asked
> What do you think, where is the best place to document these issues?
> Is it

> supported platforms page,

This should, at least, link to wherever we list complications like this,
since they do affect platform support, in so far as the buggy compiler
might be in use on any given platform.

* https://wiki.qt.io/Supported_Platforms

I am unable to edit the main page - I suggest whoever can should link to
that from it !  Possibly under the General heading in the right column
below the Quick Access portal.

> page that lists X11 requirements,

Seems rather sideways to relevant; this isn't about X11, it's about our
compilation tool-chain.  I could not, in any case, find such a page.
[[Supported Platforms]] should link to it, if it exists.

> some known issues page

Well, it *is* a known issue.
So if we don't have a "known issues with tool-chains" or "known issues
with gcc" page, creating one for this would make sense.

I failed to find any such pages.
found some pages to which such a page should link, if one exists or gets
created.  That page should itself be linked from [[Supported Platforms]].

> or something else?

Probably best to go with known issues, or possibly a section of the
[[Supported Platforms]] page given over to this topic.

Wherever it ends up, any and all such pages should be more easily
find-able from the Wiki main page; Wikis have a tendency to contain many
perls of useful information hidden from the world by a lack of suitable
linkage.  Their author knows what phrase to search for to find them, so
confidently tells folk it's on the wiki, but others are less likely to
stumble upon it.


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