[Development] when to Extract Method (was Re: commas in ctor-init-lists)

Marc Mutz marc.mutz at kdab.com
Fri Jun 3 15:37:32 CEST 2016

On Friday 03 June 2016 15:14:13 Edward Welbourne wrote:
> Marc Mutz
> > The three clauses should stay three clauses if the action (their
> > then-block) is independent. If the then-block, as you seem to suggest,
> > is idenitical in tokens and semantics, then you *will* find a name to
> > describe it that doesn't just transliterate the original C++ code into
> > English: shouldDeleteThing, thingIsExpired, isNoLongerNeeded(thing),
> > ...
> Just to be clear, my example code's delete thing was just using that as
> "there's some random tidy-up we need to do before any early return"; so
> the three conditions are all "we need to return early from this method"
> and the need to delete thing (which was nowhere referenced in any of the
> conditionals) is incidental to the test.  In such a case I very much
> doubt there's a nice name for the method.

Ok, sorry, then I misunderstood.

In that case: the thing should have been held in a scoped pointer and the 
three guard clauses should stay separate, but with just 'return' as the 

With the cleanup dealt with by RAII, I don't see a reason to combine the ifs 


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