[Development] [ANNOUNCE] New Modules and Ports at DaD's House

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Fri Jun 10 22:54:23 CEST 2016

Hi guys! Hello developers!

My "DaD's Project" is based on CMake and QtIFW (specifically CPackIFW) continues its development:

http://dad.podsvirov.pro - the official "DaD's House" website now.

"DaD's House" is a resource where you can download the installers to install necessary dependencies
and immediately begin developing their projects.

Already declared support 40 the following modules:

Curses, ZLib, LibPNG, Jpeg, Libxml2, LibTIFF, Perl, OpenSSL, LibSSH2, cURL,
PCRE, PROJ, Expat, FreeType, SQLite, GEOS, GDAL, Boost, Qt, QtIFW,
CMake KDSoap, OSG, osgEarth, osgQtQuick, PostgreSQL, Apache.Apr, The Apache.AprUtil, Apache.Httpd, Protobuf,
gRPC, MapServer, Bullet, QCA, wxWidgets, LibXSLT, iconv, pgAdmin3, Wt, FreeGLUT.

Also available in 4 port:

 - Windows Visual C++ Compiler 12.0 32bit
 - Windows Visual C++ Compiler 12.0 64bit

and NEW

 - Windows 5.3.0 MinGW w64 32bit
 - Windows 5.3.0 MinGW w64 64bit

The last 2 ports have appeared recently and there are still large but interesting work.

All of this can be a good basis for your projects.
All this is a good basis for my personal growth.

I assess the status of the project as a Beta and write to lists for developers of basic technologies.

Open the curtain.

For each module I have a small CMakeLists.txt:


These scripts help me to build the modules and create a repository of binary components.

There is a need to spread content. All available here:


My server is small and weak. I need help in distribution. I need a mirror "main" module:


If there are interested parties and you give me the address of the mirror, then I can add them to MirrorBrain setup
for more efficient distribution.

If you are interested in developing this technology or already use my installers, I would like to hear your opinion
and to get feedback.

Have a great weekend and good luck in development of your projects!

Konstantin Podsvirov

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