[Development] Qt 5.8 branching & Feature Freeze

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I would also like to have all new modules (if any) of Qt 5.8 as well as implement all (feasible) platform and compiler versions well before the feature freeze. Is it possible to agree that latest by 1.8. all these are completed? Preferably earlier, if possible.



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Hi all,

It was agreed in yesterday's release team meeting to propose following schedule for Qt 5.8 branching and Feature Freeze:

- Start branching '5.8' from 'dev': 2.8.2016

- Feature Freeze (and finalize branching): 9.8.2016

With that schedule we should be able to release Qt 5.8.0 before Christmas. Delaying these would cause Qt 5.8.0 release to be delayed to the beginning of next year. Any objections?



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