[Development] [Interest] Native event filter in QtService

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Jun 24 15:54:50 CEST 2016

Op 24/06/2016 om 11:18 schreef Bo Thorsen:
> Hi all,
> I'm copying this to devel, because it fits in a discussion a week or 
> two ago.
> Den 24-06-2016 kl. 10:56 skrev Tony Rietwyk:
>> qtservice_win.cpp around line 830 at your reference [1] installs its own
>> nativeEventFilter - probably displacing yours.
>> I suspect you'll need to merge the Qt filter into yours, and get rid of
>> that install.
> That is impossible for commercial projects because the solutions are 
> LGPL only. You can't copy LGPL code into your own code base unless you 
> are using GPL or LGPL yourself.
> And that's why I copied this message to devel, because there was a 
> discussion on whether to add solutions to Qt Core or not. And one of 
> the arguments against is that people can just use the solutions as 
> they are. This is one case, where apparently that's not (at least 
> currently) possible.
> I can come up with a couple of workarounds for this, sure. But these 
> are all brittle and may not work if the solutions code is changed.
In a previous company I worked for, we simply created an LGPL lib for 
all the stuff we borrowed this way. I really don't see why one can't use 
an LGPL-ed lib for most situations.


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