[Development] [Qt-creator] [OS X] Dock icon progress widget

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 18:12:25 CEST 2016

Shawn Rutledge wrote:

> I thought he meant to add it as a cross-platform feature, not leave it in the
> extras modules.

Ah, yes, that would be a possibility if the feature can be implemented in such a 
way that a platform-agnostic API makes sense. Which it should, there really 
isn't that much to control in a simple progressbar widget :)

> Static in QProgressBar only makes sense if one application can only have one
> icon.  But why not have this feature available on each minimized window, in
> case multiple windows are busy?  (Well, some docks collapse multiple windows
> into one icon anyway.) 

I am not aware that this would make sense on OS X. You have the choice whether 
minimised windows are shown individually or not, but even if they are I don't 
think you can even access their icons (tiles). I've never tried though.

> loaded.  When we implement D-Bus protocols in our platform plugins, we do that
> with QtDBus, not by linking other libraries.  In that case, we are obliged to

To take this a bit further away from the original topic: I have seen multiple 
remarks off late about how DBus is a "fish out of the water" everywhere else but 
on FreeDesktop-based systems. While it's true that DBus isn't a "native" service 
on those platforms there's a clear intention for it to work and integrate 
properly (without 3rd party patches) at least on OS X and MS Windows. Personally 
I thus consider it a cross-platform desktop bus implementation.
The remark above did make me wonder if QtDBus couldn't use a platform-native 
backend transparently. It seems unlikely (just as you probably cannot replace 
dbus itself by something that isn't ... dbus) but it cannot hurt to ask :)

> The same story will probably repeat in the context of system notifications,

KF5's KNotifications? 


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