[Development] debug symbols for official Qt releases

Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Tue Mar 1 17:43:01 CET 2016

Hey all,

I'm seeing some issues with the status quo of debug symbols for official Qt 

a) Qt 5.5 for msvc2013_64 does not ship any .pdb files for most of the core 
libraries. Seems to be fixed for 5.6. But is there a way to get the pdb files 
for 5.5 as well?

b) Apparently there are never any debug symbols shipped for the release build 
fo Qt. Having debug symbols even for a release build is crucial for a good 
profiling experience. Could we maybe get release builds in the future with -
force-debug-info to improve this situation? I'm aware that one can get some 
sense out of a profiler when only the end-level application is build in that 
way, but one can often get much more insight when the stack below (or even in-
between for the eventloop and signal/slot magic) also gets annotated stack 
frames. Right now, I have to suggest people to build Qt themselves for the 
sole purpose of profiling... A pity!

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