[Development] Problems with QtWebKit 5.6

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Sun Mar 6 20:43:36 CET 2016

On domingo, 6 de março de 2016 21:40:38 PST Dmitry Shachnev wrote:
> 2. There is a linking error when building libQt5WebKit.so on some
> architectures (arm, mipsel and s390x): it reports undefined reference to
> pthread_*, even though -lpthread is present in the command line.
>    I compared it with QtWebKit 5.5.1 build log and noticed that in 5.5.0 log
> there are 10 occurences of -lpthread in link command, however in 5.6.0
> there is only one — though it's early enough (before -lWebKit1 and -lWTF).

If it's before, it's wrong. If A depends on B, the link order must be -lA -lB.

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