[Development] Is it possible to make QSettingsPrivate::variantToString and its pair a public interface?

NIkolai Marchenko enmarantispam at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 14:32:31 CET 2016

QSettings kinda lacks in consistency when you write data to it as in:
1) it loses all comments
2) it randomly reorders values
While I understand such things were never in scope for this class, for ppl
who need above mentioned things, it is either go away from QSettings (which
is ugly, cause why are we using a framework then) or manually solving this
problem by writing custom function to re-insert comments and resave the
file with correct values.

To do this re-inserting we currently
utilize QSettingsPrivate::variantToString pulled from qt sources, but we
completely understand the compatibility is not promised for private stuff.
While we could ofc write tests to make sure our code doesn't break with qt
versions and will likely even do so, it would be really nice if we didn't
have to copy/paste qt sources and just call functions directly.
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