[Development] Fwd: [Interest] Qt 5.6.0 (final) packages available

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Mon Mar 14 19:11:39 CET 2016

Hello everyone and thank you for the good work!

I have a related question. According to this post and the comments:


It says that Qt 5.6 gives an open community QtCharts 2.1 and it is wonderful!
But... looking at the git tags on code.qt.io I don't find the 2.1 release (2.0.1 only).
If I'm wrong, correct me.
Else tell me who can push the correct tag?

14.03.2016, 19:59, "Jan Kundrát" <jkt at kde.org>:
>  On Monday, 14 March 2016 14:22:42 CET, Heikkinen Jani wrote:
>>  So please inform me
>>  immediately if there is something new which is preventing us to
>>  do the release.
>  Do you consider "Plasma5 deadlocks during startup" as a blocker? If so,
>  https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-51676 . It's a regression in the 5.6
>  branch ("5.5 works fine. oldish 5.6 works fine, too"), and Thiago is
>  currently AFK when it comes to Gerrit reviews.
>  Cheers,
>  Jan

Konstantin Podsvirov

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