[Development] Fwd: Change in qt/qtbase[5.6]: Move QButtonGroup implementation from qabstractbutton.cpp to...

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Fri Mar 18 09:40:13 CET 2016

Am Freitag, 18. März 2016, 10:26:14 CET schrieb Marc Mutz:
> Hi,
> Compiler upgraded in the CI without checking Qt compiles with it first? :)
> Fix: https://codereview.qt-project.org/153309

I think the error is caused by your patch "QtWidgets: includemocs"

clang can only warns about this kind of stuff if all the method of a class are 
deined. Including QWindowsStyle::metaObject() and such things that are only 
defined in the moc generated code. If you include them in the same translation 
unit clang sees that none of the functions uses the private member.


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