[Development] Qt Coding Guidelines

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Mar 18 15:37:40 CET 2016

Op 18/03/2016 om 09:24 schreef Rutledge Shawn:
> Forcing it on everyone that way will be controversial, because there 
> is still some leeway in formatting, whereas automation would remove 
> any chance of personal preference, and probably screw up in some 
> cases.  But we could at least start by adding the clang-format config 
> file to git so that it’s available for doing this manually.  Then in a 
> few years maybe everybody will get used to it enough, and it can be 
> refined enough, to become near-universal.
That's the point: remove the personal preference. Or, make it 
irrelevant. You can format your own code localy on your own system 
however you like. As soon as it gets integrated, it will formatted 
following whatever the standard is anyway.

So no, I do not think there should be leeway for personal differences 
here. Code formatting matters for readability, but it doesn't merrit 
long discussions or wasting time fixing -1's because of wrongly placed 
spaces. If the formatting needs improvement, improve the script doing 
the work, don't do it manually.


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