[Development] Retiring libtiff too

Lars Knoll Lars.Knoll at qt.io
Tue May 3 09:06:41 CEST 2016

On 03/05/16 08:58, "Development on behalf of Thiago Macieira" <development-bounces+lars.knoll=qt.io at qt-project.org on behalf of thiago.macieira at intel.com> wrote:

>Em terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016, às 06:39:42 PDT, Lars Knoll escreveu:
>> Ideally, I would like to get rid of these libraries in src/3rdparty.
>> Instead, we should build up to date versions of these libs in Coin, and
>> simply ship those together with our Qt libraries. With the online
>> installers it should in the longer term even be possible to ship updates
>> for these libraries independent of a new Qt release.
>How about Windows users who build from source?

I don't see an issue here. If we have them in Coin, we should get both source and binary packages.


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