[Development] Qt CI reliability

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Tue May 3 22:09:43 CEST 2016

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> So in summary, I appreciate the CI is a big complex beast but it's also the
> gateway to getting contributions in and is therefore critical that it runs all of
> the time, or at least as much of the time as possible. Can you investigate the
> feasibility of putting 24x7 support in place please?

Yes, we can investigate this. But it may not be feasible - at least the level of support that can be available outside developer's office hours would most likely be just basic infrastructure support. 

It should be noted that we have been (and partially still are) in the process of being separated from the Digia group. While the CI part was mainly done months ago, there is overall a lot of issues ongoing that stretch the capabilities of IT personnel. That is of course no excuse as such, but an item to note anyways. 

> > we do have persons
> > dedicated to operate the CI system, as well as support from IT as
> > needed for the infrastructure. In addition, we are still putting a
> > significant effort into developing the CI further and stabilizing it.
> > And, yes, we are also continuously monitoring the infrastructure of
> > the CI systems as well as planning how to improve it further in the future.
> Well, disks filling up over a weekend shows that it isn't monitored
> continuously, or rather, not acted upon. If there isn't 24x7 support then this
> is a valid outcome of course. My argument is that such support is warranted.

Or at least we should make sure disks that are not automatically cleaned, are cleaned in advance during the office hours. I do agree with you that running out of a disk space should not be a reason for CI failure - and mostly it has not been, despite you hitting that over the weekend. 



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