[Development] Header review for 5.7 (vs 5.6)

Alexander Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Wed May 4 08:07:31 CEST 2016

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> Em terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016, às 16:24:32 PDT, Edward Welbourne escreveu:
> > Consequently, to take the example of qtbase, instead of looking at more
> > than 100 k lines with no colouring mark-up to help you see what's really
> > changed, reviewers only need to look at a little under 8 k lines, split
> > up nicely by which file they're in and actually making good use of
> > Gerrit's ability to display diffs nicely.  Just be sure you don't do
> > anything silly like telling Gerrit to merge these commits
> Thanks Eddy and everyone else who took the header diff to the next step!
> BTW, I just checked and saw that the ABI report by Andrey was updated with 5.7
> beta:
> http://abi-laboratory.pro/tracker/timeline/qt/

Indeed thank you very very much.

This is not an urgent request but latest 5.8 please add coverage for the following git repos:

qtandroidextra, qtserialbus, qtsensors,

Thank you.


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