[Development] Stop insertion QTextEdit unicode character.

Alexander Nassian nassian at bitshift-dynamics.de
Mon May 9 10:16:19 CEST 2016

You see the condition in line 2288: d->interactionFlags & Qt::TextEditable) && QGuiApplication::styleHints()->useRtlExtensions()

So, right-to-left writing direction must be active and the input field must be editable. Are you using or do you need RTL writing? If not, you could just disable it as a quick fix. Maybe this context menu should be en-/disableable by the application developer? I don’t know enough about RTL systems, do they need this coding selection?

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Alexander Nassian

> Am 09.05.2016 um 09:59 schrieb kang joni <kangjoni76 at gmail.com>:
> Sorry for my bad English, Quick grep-ing in qtbase 5.6
> src/widgets/widgets/qwidgettextcontrol.cpp at line 3254 just found my
> case here. I don't know how to use this. And I didnt aware any of docs
> explaining this. If you right click on editable QLineEdit or QTextEdit
> there should be "Insert Unicode control
> character", sorry my former title was bit wrong typo here. So,  back
> to my case whenever I type from ASCII and then accidentally clicking
> from "Insert Unicode control
> character" with any selecting LRM,RLM  ... etc I didn't know how to
> switch back to type ASCI I character with exception close app window
> and reopen it again, and everything would be normal again. This all
> happen in all Qt apps.
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