[Development] Qt + GCC 6 no joy ?

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu May 19 19:58:24 CEST 2016

On quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016 08:59:16 PDT Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2016 11:01:09 PDT Bogdan Vatra wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Did anyone tried Qt (5.7) with GCC 6 ?
> > I compiled Qt and QtCreator (using debian's gcc 6) but it crashes in v4
> > when I start QtCreator :(. It's a know issue or just me?
> I can confirm it too. And it only happens in release mode. And I can also
> confirm the problem does not happen when compiling with GCC 5.3.1.
> Backtrace with debugging symbols, but in release mode, is attached. I'll try
> to study the generated code to see if I spot anything.

-fno-delete-null-pointer-checks solves this problem. Of course, that doesn't 
explain where the issue is. I'll debug further later, after I figure out what's 
wrong with HiDPI -- after all, I can't debug if I can't read the text.

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