[Development] modbus over serial port on windows 7 ?

Dmitry Shapovalov dmitry at 0fe.ru
Tue May 31 06:34:19 CEST 2016

can someone confirm that modbus over serial port is working on windows ?
all my experiments led me to the thought that it is absolutely broken.
i am using arduno as a modbus device. i tested it with qmodbus and modbus
poll. works great. but when i try to use modbus examples from
qt(qtserialbus/examples/serialbus/modbus/master), look like it can not send
i tried release(5.6) and git version of qtserialbus and qtserialport
modules with no luck.

i am using windows 7 on virtualbox.
arduino modbus library from here
arduino sketch http://pastebin.com/FHW3B7TX

it's me or it's really broken ?

With Best Regards
Dmitry Shapovalov
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