[Development] Notes on "Qt Build Systems" @ QtCon 2016

Wolfgang Baron Wolfgang.Baron at gmx.net
Mon Sep 5 12:15:25 CEST 2016

I really want to move to QBS, because of its advantages (speed, good 
dependency tracking, nice syntax, fexibility). However, as long as 
Qt-Creator keeps generating new projects using qmake templates, I am not 
so confident in the future of QBS. Also, if QBS is not used for all own 
projects, my confidence shrinks even further.

I had a hard time getting around QBS's edges and I do not like to 
transform each new project from qmake to QBS and maybe away from QBS 
again it it does not stick. So if the Qt-project wants to have QBS, it's 
either all in or all out. For me as a developer, I am most interested in 
a clear decision, so that I know which build system to use in the future.

Please make this decision a top priority and clearly communicate the result.

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