[Development] Notes on "Managing Qt's branches" session @ QCS 2016

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Mon Sep 12 11:20:41 CEST 2016

Marc Mutz said:
> The obvious question is, then, why is only "the one person" doing merges?
> Allow more people to upload merges, and you will get the spreading you desire.

Several people can upload merges.
One person looks after integration in qt5 and all its sub-modules.
We can spread the load (indeed, I carried it for a few weeks while
Liang was on holiday), and I believe module owners can do their own
merges (which saves the integration team work), but the integration team
takes responsibility for ensuring merges are happening.
So it ends up being that Liang, as integrator, does most merges.

> In fact, one could also be led to think that the perceived security of "it has
> passed CI in dev, so it's safe for LTS" will cause more and less appropriate
> commits to be backported to LTS.

I shall amend sanity-bot to object to cherry-picks to LTS unless they
come from gerrit/stable.
So "it has passed  CI in dev" won't get it into LTS.
It has to have passed review and CI in stable to be a candidate for
cherry-picking to LTS.
Then the second review can haggle about whether it belongs in LTS.
That can take a long time without delaying the change's merge-journey up
to dev.


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