[Development] Missing Qt modules from Coverity Scan

Frank Meerkötter frank.meerkoetter at basyskom.com
Thu Sep 15 21:02:40 CEST 2016

On Thursday 15 September 2016 14:51:26 Giuseppe D'Angelo wrote:
> while playing around with Coverity Scan with a few colleagues of mine we
> noticed that only qtbase is getting uploaded and therefore checked
> (instead of the complete qt5.git).
> I'm fairly sure that this has changed recently, as there are bugs in
> there against other modules which were automatically marked as "fixed"
> by Coverity (because the corresponding code is now gone).

I played with the coverity scans end of 2015 or so.
It was definitively  not only qtbase. Still I had the impression that
certain modules were missing (either that or they are free from errors/warnings).
> May I ask the Good Samaritan who is regularly uploading builds of Qt to
> Coverity to double check the configuration?

That would be cool.

How does the upload work? qt5.git + sub modules? Hand picked list?

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