[Development] Too long text in qlabel crashes my gdm

Jan Kotanski jan.kotanski at desy.de
Fri Sep 30 08:32:34 CEST 2016


> From the conversation in the linked thread, it looks like Qt tried to create a 
> dialog that is too wide, so COGL failed to create the OpenGL texture. Then it 
> crashed.

That's my suspicious.
> Workaround: limit the width of your dialog.

Yes. I did it before my posts in the origin project. :)
> Fix: get the window manager to stop crashing. It can force Qt to accept a 
> smaller size.

I've reported to the GNOME mailing list


Since I'm not the expert I didn't know if it is the qt job (check if it
can create the window) or the gnome job (force Qt to accept a smaller size).


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