[Development] Managing branches of Qt's git modules

Kai Koehne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Fri Sep 30 17:34:44 CEST 2016

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> Hi,
> just a query as to how people do bulk checkouts of different branches when
> working with the Qt git modules. It would be nice to be able to use git
> submodule foreach ... but this is a problem because not all modules use the
> same branching scheme.
> So, what do people do to checkout all interesting modules to 5.7, 5.8, dev etc
> on Unix like systems and on Windows?

  git submodule foreach "git fetch && (git checkout 5.8 || git checkout master) "

et voila :) Feel free to append a 

  && git reset --hard @{u} && git clean -fxd

if you want a clean slate. This works also on Windows.


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