[Development] \until

Martin Smith Martin.Smith at qt.io
Mon Apr 3 12:43:38 CEST 2017

>The changes from Qt4 to Qt5 are actually among the most interesting
>ones. So, rather than comparing on a file-by-file base, wouldn't it be
>better to first index the documentation by function signatures and then
>compare on a function-by-function base? That would also handle cases of
>functions getting moved to a different file in between Qt5 releases.

Good point, and anyway, the comparison would be done by traversing the tree of the later version and for each function node found, search the tree of the earlier version to find the corresponding function. The search is done by looking for the QWidget class node and then searching the children of that node for the function. So the structure of the tree of the earlier version doesn't matter.


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