[Development] New repository for WebGL Streaming QPA plugin

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To clarify, would a qt-labs repo work? As I understand the code still needs maturization. It can eventually be graduated to a proper Qt module later on. (this also means the repo would not be CI controlled for now, but I suspect that’s fine)

It is a bit unfortunate that the platform plugin cannot be part of qtbase, but it involves a WebSockets dependency and some additional tooling so there’s not much choice left.

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When i klick on this I camoe to a login page of gitlab.
When trying to register I get
1 error prohibited this user from being saved:

  *   Email domain is not authorized for sign-up

I tried that with gmx.de and siemens.com

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Hi all!

I have been working on a QPA plugin to send the GLES2.0 calls from a host computer over the network to a WebGL capable browser. Now it's approaching a state in which it could be usable. For this, we'll need a new public repository.

Having a public and controlled repository could help the project to grow up significantly.

The name could be Qt WebGL Streaming (qt/qtwebglstreaming).
The current location of the project is https://git.qt.io/playground/qtwebglplugin


Best regards,
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