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Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Thu Apr 13 09:25:37 CEST 2017

13.04.2017, 08:25, "Randall O'Reilly" <randy.oreilly at colorado.edu>:
> In the context of all this recent discussion about modernizing Qt to accommodate updates to C++, has anyone given any thought to the radical idea of creating a brand new product using Go? Go (golang) is rapidly gaining in popularity, and seems to embody everything that is great about Qt (simplicity, elegance, strong concern for readability, etc), and it has many features of Qt built directly into the language (reflection, i.e., moc, goroutines and channels for signal / slot functionality). One of its main limitations is lack of a dominant, fully-featured GUI toolkit. There are existing bindings to Qt and QML, but it seems like creating a brand new native GUI framework in the Qt mold could be a great opportunity to make a huge impact on a language that has a bright future. All the lessons learned as Qt has evolved over the years could be consolidated into a fresh new design, based fundamentally on a 2D & 3D scenegraph, using OpenGL ( / Vulkan, etc) as the underlying renderer, or something like that… Obviously a huge undertaking, but something that could produce transformative effects for future programmers (whereas it seems that continued improvements to the C++ product are likely to be much more incremental). Maybe some funding from Google could be obtained to support such an endeavor?

I think binding like this may work for you:


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