[Development] Introductions?

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Apr 25 10:09:50 CEST 2017

Steve Schilz asked me (24 April 2017 19:10) a pertinent question (heavily edited):
> I’m not really sure what/where your role is… and I’m curious.
> Perhaps an introduction on the mailing list (say, from Lars Knoll?)
> for people further out in the Qt orbit is in order, or perhaps I
> missed it?

which prompts me to a suggestion, as much the same is relevant for any
approver or maintainer: perhaps we should tweak our process for
introducing candidates for those stations within the community; ask that
each introduce self in the course of it - possibly *after* we've made
our decision, so we won't be prejudiced by their weird hobbies.  ISTR
Lars, when proposing me, just linked to my review history in gerrit;
that probably should suffice for the decision on whether to accept a
candidate - but it might be worth, once the decision is made, as a
matter of course, having the new approver or maintainer introduce self,
or link to web pages that do so.  That could be a short summary of
career, hobbies and life, like

  I've been making software less bad for about three decades, starting
  in 1982, with several breaks.  I've only had limited exposure to Qt
  prior to joining the Core and Network team at TQtC a year and a half
  ago; and I'm (not so) secretly a closet C programmer still learning
  new things in C++.  I refactor algebra as a hobby and write about
  various topics on a web-site [0] that deserves more of my time than
  I've lately found the enthusiasm to spend on it.

Or it could just be a link to a CV [1], if you have it on-line.

[0] http://www.chaos.org.uk/~eddy/
[1] http://www.chaos.org.uk/~eddy/cv/
     (a little out of date, I now notice)

Doing this might leave more of us with a sense of who each other are,
which seems like a natural thing in a community.

What do folk think ?


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