[Development] Urgent: Qt 5.9.3 binaries built with too NEW Linux distribution

Yuri Alexandrov evilruff at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 11:12:47 CET 2017

> I understand that but still I think we shouldn't do this. Qt 5.9.4 is coming on January and I hope we can wait to fix this there. We are that hurry atm
> and even this is quite simple task it still takes quite much effort from us. One basic idea with this new release model is just this; if we found some
> regression it will be fixed quite soon with next patch release. So that's why I hope we can just add this in Qt 5.9.3 known issue & fix this in Qt 5.9.4
> instead.

To be honest I have mixed feelings about that, from one point of view I understand that rebuilding now and updating installers is something which takes time and resources, but from another point of view think about commercial customers (like myself) which have expectations and plans and now I have to spend own time and resources to fix something which is a deployment bug actually, as I have to support in a system I deliver RH6 and Ubuntu 16.

I am not really to blame, just to say that its not really only about release model, but about people who are using it and in certain way pay the bill.

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