[Development] Coin Network Problems

Aapo Keskimölö aapo.keskimolo at qt.io
Fri Dec 1 19:07:54 CET 2017

Lately, many users of CI have been suffering from build and test agents failing because of timeouts.

As one of the causes, we have found out that there are unused network interfaces that are not removed when opennebula daemon disposed the VMs. As a result, this will cause MAC address conflicts because those addresses are quickly reassigned to new vms which then leads to failures with launching the agent.

As a work-around, I have implemented a cronjob that will automatically remove these unused interfaces which will solve this problem for the time being.

The actual root cause with the permanent solution is still being investigated.

Kind regards/Ystävällisin terveisin,
Aapo Keskimölö
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