[Development] Builds missing qmake?

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Wed Dec 13 10:25:46 CET 2017


If you stumble upon a problem in your build where the error message says that it can't find qmake, contact us maintaining the CI immediately. It's not a random failure in such that it goes away by restaging a few times. It means that for some reason (still unclear) we have a pointer indicating where the binaries should be, but they aren't. So they are never even uncompressed. But we can't really fail the build on missing artifacts, since we have no way of knowing if those binaries are optional or not. The error above clearly says that qtbase binaries are now uncompressed, hence the missing qmake, but we don't want to hard code all the really dependent packages for every module. Instead, we're trying to figure out why those binaries are missing in the first place.

So, qmake missing error -> contact us. We are needed to fix it currently.

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