[Development] Reporting errors for powershell scripts executed by Coin

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Fri Dec 22 09:17:47 CET 2017


We ignore the results of PS1 scripts because A) We have bad scripts that try to remove folders that don't exists anymore (should be cleaned) and B) as your example said, if we enabled enforcing of them now, things would break apart (fix needed as well 😝)


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Hi all,

AFAIU, some time ago Coin considered ps1 script to be failed its exit code was non-null (e.g, Exit(1) certainly aborted further provisioning process).

Now I see that Exit(1) is ignored (see [1]). What is the correct way now, throw exception?

[1] https://testresults.qt.io/coin/api/results/provisioning/qtci-windows-10-x86_64-10-f8e8db/provision_1513869138/log.txt.gz

Words "conan exited with code 1" are printed before script does Exit(1)

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