[Development] Proposal for "container-oriented deterministic memory manager"

Phil Bouchard philippeb8 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 01:46:10 CET 2017

On 01/02/2017 04:50 PM, Phil Bouchard wrote:
> On 12/29/2016 04:14 AM, Simon Hausmann wrote:
>> Hi,
> Sorry for the delay...
> First I would like to point out this popular Javascript test runs 1.5
> faster using Qt over WebKit:
> - ~100 FPS on my laptop (x86 @ 2.40GHz) using Chrome (WebKit):
> http://www.themaninblue.com/experiment/AnimationBenchmark/html/
> - ~150 FPS on my laptop (x86 @ 2.40GHz) using Qt (without QtQuickCompiler):
> http://finitetheory.com/personal/phil/JSBenchmark.tar.gz
> - I am still waiting for the QtQuickCompiler request to be fulfilled but
> anybody who has it already is welcome to try it out and please let us
> know the results.

For the record I was able to benchmark the QtQuickCompiler on a x86 @ 
3.4 GHz and I get: ~250 FPS and without the QtQuickCompiler I get 
something similar; which means this is pretty much the maximum speed 
that test can get.

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