[Development] Switch Qt Remote Objects to a Tech Preview for Qt 5.9

Tuukka Turunen tuukka.turunen at qt.io
Wed Jan 11 19:28:26 CET 2017

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> > I don’t want to miss the deadline for feature freeze, so I’m hoping to
> > get past that hurdle and address some of your proposals afterwards as
> > a tech preview.
> >
> that seems a bit optimistic, given that we're discussing some rather
> fundamental aspects of the design.
> also, i don't think we've been bothering a lot about deadlines for TP modules,
> so who cares.

As this is a module to be added, we need to have it in place latest at the FF. Preferably modules should be in place earlier than FF.

The criteria for the content of the module is of course less strict when it is a TP, but still if it is likely to need full refactoring perhaps waiting for 5.10 is a better option?



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