[Development] Calendar Systems proposal

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Jan 17 11:22:57 CET 2017

Jake Petroules
> Eddy, "draft" does not do what you think it does. This is why no one can see the change.

I think you are addressing the wrong person.
Soroush created the review (as a draft) and added me as a reviewer.
That enabled me to add Frederic.

> Please remove "draft" status and add "WIP: " at the front of the commit message instead so we can all take a look.

It already has WIP: on its commit message.

Soroush: please push your next patch set to refs/for/dev, to make the review public.
Subsequent pushes can be to refs/drafts/dev if you like, to make clear it's all still a draft.


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