[Development] Branch request: wip/itemviews in qtdeclarative

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Jan 17 14:29:53 CET 2017

Oswald Buddenhagen:
> speaking of how hard is to get branches: the policy is quite clear that
> done (and abandoned) branches should be deleted (or moved to a hidden
> namespace, if you insist on archiving your throw-away branch). they
> aren't, they are piling up. what exactly do you expect in return?

Which reminds me, back in August I investigated then-current wip/s:

Two branches (only in qtbase) are done with and can be killed:

One branch is dead but should perhaps be archived (i.e. moved to an
out-of-sight namespace): wip/tizen (qtdeclarative, qtsensors,
qtquickcontrols, qtbase).

I also observe wip/qtquickintergration in qt3d, which is clearly a typo
for wip/qtquickintegration (which contains every commit of the typo-ed

Ossi, would you take care of those ?

Here's the list of all (other) currently live wip/s (in which modules)
with date and author of the tip commit (on whichever module that's most

  wip/animation (qt3d) 2017/Jan, Sean Harmer
  wip/pointerhandler (qtdeclarative) 2017/Jan, Shawn Rutledge
  wip/qtquickintegration (qt3d) 2017/Jan, Sean Harmer
  wip/scenegraphng (qtdeclarative) 2017/Jan, Laszlo Agocs

  wip/qbs (qtbase) 2016/Dec,  Christian Kandeler
  wip/qtwebkit/next (qt5) 2016/Oct, Konstantin Tokarev
  wip/particles (qt3d) 2016/Sep, Liang Qi
  wip/next (qtwebkit) 2016/Aug, Liang Qi
  wip/remac (qtbase) 2016/Aug, Jan Arve Saether
  wip/nacl (qtbase, qtdeclarative) 2016/Jul, Gabriel de Dietrich
  wip/speech-recognition (qtspeech) 2016/Apr, Frederik Gladhorn

  wip/win (qtconnectivity) 2015/Dec, Alex Blasche
  wip/network-test-server (qtbase) 2015/Oct, me
  wip/dbus (qtdeclarative) 2015/Oct, Sérgio Martins
  wip/47-based (qtwebengine) 2015/Oct, Allan Sandfeld Jensen
  wip/mir (qtbase) 2015/Aug, Paul Olav Tvete; Canonical wanted it in 2016/Aug
  wip/highdpi (qtbase) 2015/Jul, Paul Olav Tvete; probably dead ?
  wip/44-based (qtwebengine) 2015/Jul, Allan Sandfeld Jensen
  wip/threading (qtcanvas3d) 2015/Jul, Miikka Heikkinen

  wip/gc (qtdeclarative) 2014/Apr, Thiago Macieira
  wip/calendar (qtquickcontrols) 2014/Feb, Mitch Curtis

  winrt (qtbase) 2013/Sep,  Andrew Knight <andrew.knight at digia.com>
  wip/winrt (qttools) 2013/Aug, Andrew Knight <andrew.knight at digia.com>
  wip/android (qtscript, qtdoc, qtimageformats, qtquick1,
               qtgraphicaleffects) 2013/Feb, Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt

  wip/qt5-nativetext (qtquickcontrols) 2012/Jul, Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt
  wip/animation-refactor (qtdeclarative) 2012/Jan, Michael Brasser

  wip/qa (qtlocation) 2011/Aug, shubinba <natalia.shubina at nokia.com>
  wip/v8 (qtscript) 2011/Jul, Peter Varga
  wip/experimental_scenegraphing (qtlocation) 2011/Jun, juhvu <qt-info at nokia.com>
  wip/statemachine (qtdeclarative) 2011/Jun, Michael Brasser <michael.brasser at nokia.com>
  wip/textng (qtdeclarative) 2011/Jun, Yann Bodson <yann.bodson at nokia.com>
  wip/visuallistmodel (qtdeclarative) 2011/Jun, Andrew den Exter <andrew.den-exter at nokia.com>

and I am naturally suspicious of those whose last commit is from an
e-mail @nokia, all from 2011; these sound suspiciously dead.
Please review those you know anything about ... especially the old ones.


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