[Development] Conditionally use xcb (or Xlib) in tst_qwindow.cpp?

Thomas S√łndergaard thomas.sondergaard at karoshealth.com
Wed Jan 25 17:47:15 CET 2017


I can see there is code in tests that depending on e.g. Q_OS_WIN32 and
Q_OS_UNIX conditionally includes, for the platform, universally available
headers like <sys/socket.h>. I would like to add a unit test that requires
checking state on the native window behind QWindow. Doing this on windows
with Q_OS_WIN32 should be fine, but how do I make the corresponding test
that requires a bit of XCB/Xlib code?

Specifically I would like to add a test to tst_qwindow.cpp and perhaps
tst_qwidget.cpp that check that the window state (minimized, maximized,
fullscreen) on the native window is what we expect it to be.

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